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Things to see in Wellington

One of our favourite things to do as a family is hop in the car and go exploring. Being new to Wellington, we still have so much to see and do. So we take every opportunity we get to get out and explore our new city which has so much to offer families with children.

We stumbled upon Massey Memorial on one of our first weeks in Wellington. We were keen and eager to discover every single corner of our new city. So we drove around, missed it at first as the entrance is kinda secluded if you don’t know exactly wha you’re looking for just off of Shelly Bay Road.

When we finally did find the secret little entrance, we walked up a gentle slope completely covered in lush trees and vegetation. The reward at the top is simply stunning – this massive memorial built on the hill-top over looking the ocean. It’s a beautiful spot to visit and a must see in Wellington.

The memorial was built to commemorate William Ferguson Massey, prime minister of New Zealand from 1912 until his death in 1925. it’s made out of marble and granite and is worth a visit even if you’re not interested in the history.

Massey Memorial


Massey Memorial


Massey Memorial

If you’re not in a rush, there’s a path that climbs up the mountain. The view is worth the slightly awkward scramble up the rockery. Though it’s a bit harder to do with a small child. There are also views of the bay on the other side which are stunning.

You can’t go wrong with most parts of Wellington if I’m honest though – it’s absolutely incredible every way you look and the same views are completely different at a different time of day or in different weather conditions. It’s really true what they say; you can’t beat Wellington on a good day! But I’ll take the bad days too!

Happy adventures! 




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