Being Mom

The driving force : Being Mom! | Tyranny of Pink

The driving force : Being Mom!

 Life isn't anything like it was. A year ago around this time, I was just getting out of hospital. A year ago at this time, I was just starting my journey as a mom. A year ago at this time, I lost my grandfather, four months before losing my grandmother. They both died while I was in hospital having one surgery or another. A year ago. Feels ridiculous to say a yea[...]

Oden is one | Tyranny of Pink

Looking back over the year that was – today, we celebrate!

Today, my son turns one. This is a HUGE deal to me. A year ago today, I went into labour two weeks earlier than expected (thanks to a burst, undiagnosed appendix) and without knowing it, the course of my life changed in more ways than just becoming a mom. I nearly died. I say these words and they still feel like the words of a stranger. Like, this couldn't be my stor[...]

Please stop asking me when I’m going to have another baby!! | Tyranny of Pink

Please stop asking me when I’m going to have a second baby!!

My son Oden is ten months old. I have never loved anyone or anything more than I love him. This child of mine is literally a miracle baby! And yet all the time, I'm being asked about a second baby. Something we don't even want to be reminded about. You see, we were told that we "could not and would never conceive without medical assistance" - we were told that hav[...]

A letter to my son - Tyranny of Pink

To my son as he turns ten months old

Dearest beautiful boy Right now, you're still figuring out the world. Things are strange to you and everything is new. You want to put everything in your mouth, you want to taste and touch and feel. Your hands are quick to grab and the thrill of everything excites you. I love watching you explore. I love watching you get excited or confused when the cat licks[...]