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Are we too attached for our own good? | Tyranny of Pink

Are we too attached for our own good?

I'm in the position where I'm having to get rid of things. Things that I've had for years, some that I love, some that I don't. It's really making me wonder if we, are too attached for our own good to things that should simply be things! There are so many people who will tell you about clutter and hoarding and how bad it is for you and many of them will tell you th[...]

What I know | Tyranny of Pink

Life after surgery! How it changed me and what I know for sure!

In September of 2015, I had my son - the best thing that has EVER happened to me. Unfortunately, with the best thing also came the worst thing. I nearly died and I woke up from emergency surgery with a colostomy. Life after an ostomy has had its challenges but it has also had its lessons. When I look back on this whole experience, I often feel like this was all som[...]

Living with the stigma of a medical condition! | Tyranny of Pink

Living with the stigma of a medical condition!

Sponsored Post* When I tell people that I had a colostomy, nine times out of ten they look at me blankly. People don't know what that means. When I explain to people what exactly it is, I get this funny look and it's usually accompanied with "I thought old people had those" and I can't even deny the fact that until I had one, I thought that too! I would never in a[...]