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Twenty things that maybe you don’t know about me…

I was updating my About me section and I thought maybe it'd be cool to write a little list of things about me :) They're pretty random and they cover everything. I didn't think too hard, just wrote them as they came up! 20 things about Jonelle... I love road trips - I will literally get in a car and drive to anywhere with or without a plan for once we get th[...]

Is it okay to swear on my blog? | Tyranny of Pink

Is it okay to swear on my blog?

This is the kind of question that many bloggers deal with internally. The censorship of who they are and what they have to say. New bloggers will start out being authentic and writing the way they are inspired to write but inevitably, either someone will call them on their swearing OR they will wonder if their words are hurting their brand and preventing them from gro[...]