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When perseverance brings success! | Tyranny of Pink

When perseverance brings success!

I have been fighting what felt like a losing battle against Home Affairs for the last year! I have spent hours on the phone and thousands of Rands trying to get an error in my passport corrected. I could not understand how, through no fault of my own, this mistake could not be fixed. It just seemed like no one knew how to rectify this issue. I was sent in[...]

Meet Amelia- What it's Really Like Being a Writer, Editor and Proofreader! | Tyranny of Pink

Meet Amelia: What it’s Really Like Being a Content Writer!

I had a little laugh as I chose the featured image for this article. A photo of a type writer - the glamorous idea of what it means to be a writer. When actually, it's hours at your laptop drinking copious amounts of coffee often late into the night trying to meet deadlines. Nope, no glamour here. So why do we do it? Why do we work in this field? For the love o[...]

Meet Maz- What it's really like being a Fashion Designer | Tyranny of Pink

Meet Maz: What it’s really like being a Fashion Designer

There are few people I know who are more stylish than this woman. She's the kind of person who can throw on a T-shirt and look like she's ready for a fashion show. She has a style that is just so relaxed but polished and put together at the same time, how is that even possible? With her arms covered in tattoos, her long black hair and her laid back style that just com[...]

What it’s like being a high school secretary and PA to the principal | Tyranny of Pink

What it’s like being a high school secretary and PA to the principal

Unlike the rest of my posts during this career series, this one was submitted anonymously. Having worked in schools around Cape Town, though through a role in a non-profit, I know first hand how hard working in public schools can be. I once was at a school when a student stabbed another student. Another time, a child arrived at school wearing plain clothing instead[...]