When you’re lying awake at night, and the sound of silence fills your room, what do you think about? Do you wish you could be thinner? Do you imagine yourself richer, happier, more successful? We all have those moments. Weakness, when we allow ourselves, just for a second, to let our guard down. To accept that somewhere beneath the facade is a dream. A longing. A desire.

In this previous post  I wrote about my decision to not study law immediately after school but the story goes on. During my battle to get into law school I found myself studying Social Anthropology, Politics, and Diversity Studies. I only studied Diversity  if I’m honest because my father bribed me with an all expenses paid gap year of travelling if I completed at least one Post-grad degree. And let’s be honest here, who in their right mind would pass up that offer? Sadly, my father died unexpectedly during that year but

As the end of the first month of a new year arrives and the second month begins,  I thought it fitting to look back at last year, a time all but forgotten and we swiftly move ahead into 2015. Over the course of last year, which began as a terrible year for me and ended with me beginning the journey of self discovery and self-love and wonder, what have I really learnt from 2014 that I can carry with me during 2015 and help me to live my life more fully. Lessons

I have always loved writing. When I was a teenager the act of writing gave me solace from the angst that was my world. Late at night when everyone was asleep, I would open up one of my notebooks and pour my heart out. If I had nothing to write about I would listen to the radio and find my inspiration in the songs that came on. A word, a verse, an idea, all led to sentences streaming across the page. I would stay awake till long after 3am, surrounded

Personality Test

Zanzibar | Tyranny of Pink

  I am always fascinated by personality test results. usually the results are amusing. I took a test today however, after stumbling across the link in an article I was reading and I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the results. I’m quite introverted generally and I always erroneously thought that introverted and shy were one and the same thing so for the longest time I described myself as shy. I am far from shy but I am definitely an introvert and need time alone to recover from social situations.

This is a story about the time my life was flipped completely upside down by a movie but starting at the end seems silly, so let me start where good writers start, at the beginning. When I was an undergrad student, I was 19 and alone in a new country for the first time. I had an awesome life. I stayed out late partying, had tonnes of friends, put in the bare minimum for my education and passed all my classes anyway. I loved my life. My favourite club was

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