I didn’t want to look back on my life and wish I had been more true to myself.

– Jonelle



Iā€™m a Swazi-born South African living in Wellington New Zealand. I write about my life, being a mom, an expat and a woman in the world today.

Iā€™m passionate about living authentically, being resilient in the face of adversity and fighting against the expectation to be a certain way just to fit in.


Ostomy Journey

When you have to live your day-to-day life with an Ostomy, you jump for joy at the thought of ANYTHING that makes your day a little bit easier. Most people don’t have ostomies, most people don’t know what that means but for those of us that do know, we know that it can feel degrading to have to get that up close and personal with your body waste


Being you

From The Blog

I looked in the mirror and I saw my scars – left behind from all my surgeries and my brush with death. It’s funny how something as ugly as a scar can be a beautiful reminder of the second chance you’ve been given at living!


Be Unapologetically You


When grief has touched your heart, you change! You let go of a lot but you also take on so much more. You worry more, you panic more frequently, everything is more terrifying than it used to be.