Raising a son in an age of #AllMenAreTrash

Last night, I said good night to a little three year old and today, I woke up as the mother of a four year old boy. A boy who is open and eager to learn about the world. A strong willed child who asks and listens to the details of everything. Who learns and absorbs and takes everything in and feeds it back to me when I least expect it. Like on the bus, loudly. H[...]


The hardest conversation

I'm pretty open with my child, I'm honest with the answers I give him and if I don't know something, usually I will look it up. Something he asks about often is my dad. My dad died a long time ago. It doesn't get easier but it does get easier to cope. Every now and then Oden will ask me about my dad. He knows he died. He knows how he died. He likes to hear about my[...]


Silencing the past. Rewriting this narrative.

I didn't have the happiest childhood. My childhood was full of heart break and divorce and I have struggled with abandonment issues for most of my life. In fact, it wasn't until I met this wonderful husband of mine that I actually learnt to trust that someone who loved me, would stick around by choice. I don't want to write a feel sorry for me post, it's not abou[...]


Losing love and all the things that go with death.

I had these thoughts in my head today, about nothing much and everything. The kinda thing I write in my blog because I need somehow to process the feelings. I was making dinner and I thought, how sad that I never learnt more from my gran about how to cook her famous meals. I guess I just imagined she'd always be there, cooking those meals. And then she wasn't.[...]