Oh what a waste – all the things I would do differently


How naive we are when we are young. How we take the world for granted at the exact moment when there is so much to soak up. We lie around in our bubbles of infatuation. Closed off from all the things that really matter. We think we are wiser, that we know more than anyone else.

I look back on my life; on the pain I might have been spared, the suffering I would not have endured, If only I had listened to my mother. Each time she said, trust me and I thought I knew what was best.

If only I had spent more time with my father, All the times I chose me over time spent with him. Time I didn’t know then would be cut short. Oh we are indeed a silly bunch. Aren’t we all. Each one of us, who begins the same. Young and foolish.

If only I knew then, all the things that I know now. I would do it all over, wiser, smarter, better.



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