Quotes To Get You Through The Dark Times. To The Other Side Of This!

The world is a strange place. Sometimes everything feels impossible and you struggle to see the end of the tunnel. Other times, everything is going really well and you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It’s in those times, when something goes wrong and you think to yourself “oh fuck, everything about the world sucks” but it’s not the world that sucks. It’s just the situation. It’s just that one thing that’s happening right now that makes all the good stuff disappear into the background.

You’ve got to be strong in those moments!

Quotes To Get You Through The Dark Times. To The Other Side Of This!

You’ve got to remind yourself that sunshine is on the other side of that cloud. That the rainbow comes after the rain. That the silver lining is right there, within arms reach. Sometimes, it helps to have some words of comfort to remind you to look forward. Look towards the horizon. To the other side of this!

You will get through this!

Just remember that whatever it is that’s bringing you down today, will end. The storm doesn’t last forever.

Jonelle |Tyranny of Pink

Do you have any favourite quotes that you can add to my list? 



  • catjuggles
    31st July 2015

    So true- this always too shall pass

    • TyrannyofPink
      31st July 2015

      It’s tough to remember at the time… but oh so true indeed!

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