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5 things to do everyday to give yourself more “Me Time”

I read a quote that said, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it just resonated with me so strongly at this point in my life. Sometimes, as women we are expected to handle so much of everything. We’ve got to be model wives, brazen career women, role model mothers and still find time for the gym to maintain our perfect body. I’m not saying we can’t do it all but I am saying that it can be extremely exhausting to maintain and draining on us as individuals.

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Putting yourself first every now and then can be the breath of fresh air we need to keep going. It’s important to ensure that your own cup has been filled with the tools you need to cope and get through the challenges that life throws you. Or even just the time in the day!

When you take the time to put yourself first, you are replenishing your cup and giving yourself the tools you need to help those around you. You need to make some time in the day to show yourself some self-love. Here are five things you can do on a daily basis to buy yourself some extra time for yourself.

5 things to do everyday to give yourself more “Me Time”

Instead of answering your emails as and when they arrive, set aside an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to catch up on email.

Instead of spending all day absorbed by social media, turn the notifications off and only check them when you have the time to do so.

Instead of attending every event you’re invited to out of obligation, say no to those you don’t want to attend.

Instead of waking up and stressing about what to wear, choose your outfit the night before and have a longer lie in every morning.

Instead of going to the grocery store on a daily basis, create a meal plan for the week ahead and then buy everything you will need for the week ahead in one go.

The most important thing to remember is to put yourself first. If something is not urgent and can wait till tomorrow, perhaps it won’t hurt to just put your feet up for now and have a cup of tea.

5 things to do everyday to give yourself more “Me Time”- Tyranny of Pink


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  1. Re the clothes thing, having a small wardrobe of only things you loved has gone a long way in saving me time in the morning. Also the no notifications thing is the best.

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