My Top 10 Favourite Things

This is a list, in no particular order, of things I absolutely don’t want to live without.

My husband


Gerard who is my absolute best friend. There isn’t a nicer person in the whole world than him and I am so incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

Good food– I love medium rare steak with chips, oysters smothered in lemon juice and tabasco sauce, sushi and hearty cheese board.

My handbag collection – I am an absolute bag lady and love nothing more than extending the collection in my closet.

My shoes – oh I do love shoes so much. I spend most of my shopping budget (yes I have a budget or I would go crazy) on leather boots. I have this incredible desire to buy beautiful leather boots all the time.

My dogs Jessie and Jax


These two love me unconditionally no matter what. I can always rely on them to make my day special.

Jax in the first image is a cross Labrador and something else we aren’t sure about. His pass times include carrying his rope around and digging giant holes in my garden. Jessie is my little princess Cocker Spaniel who thinks the world revolves around cuddling her. In my house, it does.

My house. Our home is really lovely. It’s not a very big place but it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It ticked off nearly every must have list when we were looking for a house to buy. My dream home had to have three bedroom (✔) two or more bathrooms (✔) an en suite bathroom in the master bedroom (✔) a pool (✔) a wrap around porch (✔) bay windows (✔) and a walk in closet which was the only thing it didn’t have so we built one and now my house is literally my dream house. ♥

An ice-cold glass of Sauvignon blanc, champagne or a cocktail


At the end of a long day, there isn’t anything more relaxing than sitting down to a glass of dry wine. Bliss.

My bed. I love travelling and I love going away but let’s be honest. Half the fun of going away is that feeling you get when you lie down on your own bed for the first time after a trip.



I absolutely love a trip to somewhere I’ve never been before. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to quite a few places in this world. My absolute best trip was to Zanzibar. The beaches are like no others, the people are so friendly and there is an endless supply of locally caught fish that when cooked by a local really hits the spot. Zanzibar is paradise and I can’t wait to go back there.

Lastly, my family. I moved too far away from my family when I came to live in Cape Town but I was secretly overjoyed when one by one they started moving here too. I love nothing more than Sunday lunch at my house where I can cook a huge meal for the people I love and spend the day talking and playing board games.



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