Tyranny of Pink

The Night Owl

Carpe Diem Noctum!!

I read these articles about improving productivity and getting more done in your day.

If you do “these 5 things” you will become this magical being who after putting your alarm across the room, gets up at the crack of dawn and exercises for an hour before getting into a shower you have earned.

Right after that you will leap into your clothes laid out the night before and rush into your office without needing that 3rd cup of coffee.

You will be successful, you will marry the person of your dreams, buy the home of your dreams, raise 2.5 children and have ever lasting wealth. It all starts with being a morning person.

What if you don’t want to be a morning person?

What if you have no desire what so ever to be that morning person? What if you learn better at night when it’s quiet? What if you’re an afternoon person? I don’t think that the only successful people in this world are in fact morning people.

I think they can be, but I think we are just as likely as night-time people to get things done. When the morning people have long gone off to la la land, the night people are still up, finding solutions and getting stuff done.

I’m a night owl.

I like the quiet that comes with everyone being asleep. The hum of the day fades into nothing and even Facebook goes to sleep. That’s when I am at my most efficient. I got through ten years of University by working through the night while others were happily in dreamland.

I write my most interesting articles at that hour, my creativity suddenly comes alive. I thrive on those hours of quiet when I get to work undisturbed on the things that really matter to me.

So to all those individuals out there trying to teach me how to become an early bird, thanks but no thanks. We all function optimally under different circumstances and I’m quite happy being a night owl.

After all, the early bird may catch the worm but the night owl has increased creativity and productivity, greater financial success than average, increased stamina throughout the day, greater reasoning and analytical abilities and higher IQs.

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