What’s on your bucket list?

“You know those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.”

There are so many things that we could do to give our lives more meaning. So many of us just spend our days between work and home and we don’t really make the most of our lives. As a result, we have no energy and don’t feel like we’re really living and reaching our full potential. One way to ensure that we beat the boredom and make the most of our lives is to create a bucket list and actively work towards crossing things off your list. Do you have a bucket list? Are you actively pursuing what’s on it?

Here are just a few on my bucket list;

  1. Climb Table Mountain – Yes, as a Capetonian for the last 12 years, it’s is shameful that I’ve never done it.
  2. Visit Namibia.
  3. Learn how to bake bread.
  4. Get a whole lot more tattoos including a full sleeve (no guts to do this).
  5. Dye my hair shocking pink.
  6. Own a pair of really expensive designer shoes.
  7. Blow an entire months salary on shopping.
  8. Bridge swing. I have no interest what so ever in bungee jumping though.
  9. Go scuba diving.
  10. Write a book and get it published.
  11. Visit North America – preferably New York, California and definitely the Grand Canyon.
  12. Start a Non-profit that teaches job skills to individuals trying to find employment.
  13. Monetise my blog – very long-term goal.
  14. See the Northern lights.
  15. Host a Tyranny of Pink workshop – topic still to be decided on πŸ˜›
  16. Go on a cruise.
  17. Indoor Sky Dive – almost certain it won’t compare to the real deal but it looks like so much fun.
  18. Go back to Australia with my husband.
  19. Try Kite Surfing.
  20. Sell one of my paintings.

Let me know what’s on your list and if you’re crossing them off. It’s always interesting to see what values others place on certain experiences over others. I bet you think some of mine are crazy or boring and probably a little surprising. Baking bread can’t be that big a deal right? It is if you’re me πŸ™‚

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  • Melissa Javan
    29th August 2017

    I want to scuba dive but I can’t swim, yet. On your list… I want to Write a book, get it published. Monetise my blog. Visit another African country. I saw the Northern Lights on a doccie we have at home now, not IRL though lol. #JustSaying

    • TyrannyofPink
      Melissa Javan
      30th August 2017

      I think you need to publish your list on your blog! I want to read it all πŸ˜›
      The northern lights…. only in my dreams!

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    5th July 2015

    […] working in a career that may not be your calling because it helps you to fulfil the items on your bucket list.Β And that’s fine too. No one can tell you what should and shouldn’t work for in your […]

  • Jolene
    25th February 2015

    So the Grand Canyon has always been something I have wanted to do! But I don’t think I have really ever thought about making a bucket list! I have kinda had ideas of things I have wanted to do…and sometimes along the way…I realise “Oh yeah…..this was something I once spoke about doing…or at least secretly hoped/dreamed of” and here I am doing it! Those moments are awesome. But, since you have inspired me to….I guess that I will put the Grand Canyon on the top of my list and then I really should put some serious thought into creating an actual list!
    Did I mention before that your posts are like coming home to ice-cream??? If you know how much I love ice-cream…you’ll know I can hardly ever wait….and every flavour is delish….just like these posts!!! Thanks again.

    • TyrannyofPink
      25th February 2015

      Have I told you how much I love your comments? They always make me so happy!! Honestly, there’s nothing nicer than positive feedback! Thank you!

      I’ve never really had an actual list. I was thinking of the things I’ve done that I would have put on a list and there were just so many that I thought I need a list to make sure I get through all the others. There’s more I want to do.. like backpack through Asia. I don’t know why but it’s sooooo up there with things I want to do!

      I think you should make a list and then show it to me! I LOVE the ideas of other people’s dreams because then you get to dream for yourself and them!

      The Grand Canyon would be so magical!! Just magical!



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