How to find your passion and make it happen!

 “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”

Jon Bon Jovi

Find your passion and you find your purpose,  was about living your life in a way that is true to your passion but we might not always know what our passions are. Until recently, my passion had nothing to do with blogging, or at least I had no idea that it did. Our passions make us who we are and it’s important that we identify what they are even if we aren’t ready to pursue them with everything we’ve got.

It took quite a journey of self discovery to come to terms with the fact that writing just pushes all my buttons. Nothing makes me happier than when I write a post because I feel the need to get a thought down and I get a positive response from people who can relate to what I’m thinking. Now that I’ve discovered my happy place, I want you to as well.

follow your heart | Tyranny of Pink

How do you find your passion?

Passion is that thing that makes you get out of bed in the morning. It’s feeling excited on a Monday morning instead of dreading the day ahead. Passion is knowing that you are fulfilling the purpose of your life. No one can tell you what your passions are, it’s something only you can figure out.

Not all of us are born knowing just what our passions are.

define your passion | Tyranny of Pink

Once you’ve got a better understanding of what your passions are, you need to start working towards living a passion fuelled life. Look at the state of your current life and ask yourself how you can realistically start moving towards what matters.

Slowly, you need to start letting go of the things that you know are not contributing to your life purpose.

So what now?

Start thinking about the kinds of things you would fill your time with if money was no object. What would you absolutely love to spend your days doing. Realistically, money is important and very few people have the luxury to not concern themselves with money. That’s why you need to start looking into how you can start making money from what you love. We all know the good old saying, love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. Nothing is more true than that.

Right now you need to look at what’s holding you back and preventing you from really following your dreams and doing what you love. Once you’ve done that, start putting the steps in place to achieve your goals.

Look at where you are financially and emotionally and realistically make a decision about your future.

Make a realistic plan that can move you from where you are, to where you need to be.

Include a time line, a financial plan and a map.

Define what your strengths are, what your values are and make sure that you have a link between those two and a solid money-making strategy attached to that if you need to make an income from your passion.

When you feel absolutely ready – and there is no time limit on this – then make the leap towards your new life and your new-found freedom.

Jonelle |Tyranny of Pink



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  • faru
    9th March 2015

    hey joni, nice article… made so much sense… below was my 12 step programme to finding my passion

    step 1 – come off long term relationship and realise there is more to life than thinking of what could have been
    step 2 – go somewhere you have always wanted to, despite people telling you cant go to such a place on your own, as it would make you feel more sad coz its full of couples… them the finger and go to the Maldives..via Istanbul..(ps u will get ripped off there, be careful)
    step 3 – take a flight to anyone of the 1000+ isolated islands…
    step 4 – drop your jaw in awe from what you can see…try to keep your jaw closed… much harder than you think it is…
    step 5 – pinch yourself to wake you up from what you think is a dream… realise you pinched yourself a little too hard… u are not asleep… just that you found your heaven on earth…
    step 6 – now that you are in place you have always wanted to be… try something you have always wanted to try.. without fear or regret…as you have nothing to loose.. the worst that could happen is that you may not enjoy what u wanted to try…
    step 7 – there is no step 7, go to step 8 (totally stole that from the cartoons i watched as a kid, and still do)
    step 8 – put on a wetsuit, a tank, goggles, and flippers… and take a scuba diving lesson..
    step 9 – spend the next 8 days underwater as much possible.. in total awe of the wonders of flora and fauna of marine life, forcing your jaw shut, so that you can breathe whilst underwater..
    step 10 – realise that after all these years on earth, having been fortunate enough to spend most of it in Africa, surrounded by extremes of everything, rich and poor, urban and rural, city and bush, tiny insect and big five, you prefer the feeling of being underwater rather than on terra firma… and also come to the conclusion that Ariel was an idiot for swapping her tail for legs.
    step 11- to work on step 12…
    step 12 – spend some of my free time when im not helping with sight problems, to go on courses and add to dives to my logbook until i can finally make it to Master Scuba Diver so that I can take up that job offer at the Eye Hospital in Mauritius…and spend my weekends underwater… in warmth!!!!

    • TyrannyofPink
      9th March 2015

      Faru I love this comment!! Honestly, I love it so much that I wish I had written it myself. I am quite jealous of your experience. We wanted to go to the Maldives for our honeymoon but will probably never get a chance to get out there (real life just gets in the way) and it’s “the one that got away”. I’ve also always wanted to scuba dive and I agree – Ariel was completely moronic. She gave away her voice and her tail and all for a man who fell in love with her looks. Not a wise cookie. Mostly my darling friend, look at you publicly commenting on a blog with the word pink in the title. What is this world coming to 😛

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