The countries I think you should see

I love travelling!

Nothing refreshes the soul and inspires the mind like being utterly and completely submerged in a culture that is completely not your own. I will drop everything for a chance to go exploring around the world and it is my mission to get to North America so that I can say I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica (one day I’ll go there too). Everywhere you go has something to make the trip worth it and you really have to be open to new experiences. When I visit countries, I try to go as a traveler and not a tourist and with the exception of my honeymoon I think that I’ve done a pretty good job at submerging myself in the places I’ve been to. I eat local food, visit tiny off the map places and take public transport. Sure it’s not always as fancy but you learn a lot more about a place by getting to know its people than you do by spending your holiday taking private cars and chilling at the hotel bar.

When I was 23, I spent a year just going from place to place on my own and finding my way around. Was I scared, sure I was. I was terrified but that’s half the fun. Looking back on my life, there is not one experience I would take back. Not even the times I got ripped off by taxi drivers and touts. People have made fun of me and asked me if I’ve “found myself yet” and the truth is, I’ll never truly find myself because my real self is changing every day and growing in relation to the experiences I have. Experiences which I can never have just sitting at home.

Few will argue with the fact that Travel makes you happier” than material possessions. Travel creates a lifelong supply of fond memories, renewed self-confidence and a greater appreciation for what we already have.  You just can’t get the same experience while out shopping that the rush of new adventures and experiences gives you.

As the quote famously goes;

“A ship is safe in the harbour but that’s not what ships are built for.”

Travel changes you! Here's a list of the countries I think you should see- Tyranny of Pink

Countries I’ve been to and the reasons you should visit them

  1. Africa

    • South Africa – This is my home. There are so many reasons to visit this country. The ocean, the people, the culture, the rivers, the mountains, CAPE TOWN, seeing cows on the beach in the Eastern Cape… the list is endless but maybe I’ll make one all about just that. You have to see for yourself
    • Swaziland – I was born there, it will always be home and will always have a special place in my heart. What I miss most (besides the people); the rolling mountains, the thunder storms (I really miss these) and riding my horses in the mountains
    • Botswana – I was so little when I went to Botswana and Zambia but I remember dry red sand… I can’t tell you much more
    • Mozambique – The beautiful beaches, the food, the vibe – you can’t go wrong
    • Zimbabwe – The baobab trees
    • Zambia – See number 3
    • Morocco – Oh where to begin, the colours, the doors, the markets, the landscape, the buildings, the old towns, the beauty
    • Mauritius – The beach and royal treatment in the resorts. I visited for my honeymoon and have little to say except that my resort was incredible
    • Tanzania – Zanzibar (I can not emphasize how much I loved it) – the beach and chilling with lovely local food! The peace and tranquilityTravel changes you! Here's a list of the countries I think you should see- Tyranny of Pink
  2. Europe and UK

    • Germany – Seeing the Berlin wall and walking around Berlin taking it all in
    • Austria – the experience – everything is just so proper
    • France – (Paris) The bustling vibe of the city
    • Italy – the pizza, the fashion, the buildings
    • Czech Republic – The food, the buildings, the Bone Cathedral
    • Spain – The shopping, the Spanish have a really alternative style of clothing that I loved. Also, the old towns and old streets
    • Portugal – The people
    • Belgium – The beer
    • The Netherlands – the little pubs (no I’m not talking about the weed smoked in some pubs)
    •  England – The pub life experience – I even enjoyed eating pub lunch everyday and the shopping in  London
    • Scotland – Watching musicians in the park while drinking gluhwein in winter
    • Ireland – I had a really lousy experience at the airport but the Irish stew made up for it
  3. Asia

    • Thailand – The night life, the islands, the food, the shopping
  4. Oceania

    • Australia – The diversity all across the country. The diving, the beauty, the interesting animals, the pubs
    • New Zealand – Road tripping across the country
  5. South America

    • Bolivia – The Salt Flats and the red lakes
    • Peru – Machu Picchu and the street food especially the Anticuchos (Beef heart kebabs sold on the streets)
    • Argentina – The vibe and drinking Yerba Mate on the streets

Travel changes you! Here's a list ofthe countries I think you should see- Tyranny of Pink

There is always something exciting to do and something exciting to see where ever you go. There are so many places I still want to visit. Number one on my list right now is New York. I want to experience the bustling city, the magnificence of Central Park and the feeling of being in a city that never sleeps. Where have you been that you have absolutely loved? Where do still you want to travel to?

Jonelle | Tyranny of Pink



  • ChevsLife
    12th April 2016

    Gee you’ve basically traveled the world. It sounds so exciting and tempting! I see you’ve been to Austria – any tips for my trip to Bad Ischl? This will be my first time crossing the borders of SA!

    • TyrannyofPink
      13th April 2016

      I have been very blessed with traveling the world. Still so much to see. Why are you off specifically to Austria? You will love it, it is beautiful and breathtaking all at once. BUT it’s also very snobby and upper class. Everything is very formal. Just enjoy the lovely parts. I’ve never been where you’re going but I’ve visited Austria quite a few times. My dads twin sister lives there. I love it, try see an operetta if you can. Opera itself is a bit too much for me but I love the operetta. Also, drink gluwein in the markets if there are any still running… lovely!

  • kikimudenda
    10th March 2015

    Been to quite a few countries too, your blog is better than mine so I won’t list mine :-p Definitely had a better experience in Ireland than you.

    I am dying to go to Morocco, Cairo, Bora Bora, Florence, Sydney and anywhere in China.

    Joelle you MUST go to India (cultural orgasm)!

    My motto – Eat well and Travel lots! p.s. you will probably love NYC but N. America is equally diverse, maybe stop at the UWC in Montezuma as a stark contrast to the Big Apple, or some other small town 😉

    • TyrannyofPink
      10th March 2015

      You would LOVE Morocco…
      I am so ready for a trip to India, I believe you… I think I would be in heaven. The colours, the food… the people….. oh gosh now I’m dreaming of going.

      As for the US, it’s weird, I’ve never wanted to go there but for some reason NY has my heart… I do want to do a road trip across the country though and see the Grand Canyon!!

      I LOVE your motto!! I will drink to that! <3

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