As I get older – the things we learn as we grow

As I get older, I’d like to think I also get wiser.

You learn things along the way, things you can’t help knowing. Silly things like what you like and what you don’t like as much. You learn about the things that make you laugh (not slapstick humour) and you learn about the things that make you cry (animal abuse, homelessness and the sad state of the country you love). You learn the value of surrounding yourself with people who appreciate the same things you do and the value of those who don’t, but still have lessons to teach you.

as we get older, we also get wiser

You learn other things too, more philosophical in nature like how to look after your heart and stop getting it broken. You learn as you grow that the boy who breaks your heart over and over is never going to suddenly commit to you. You learn about letting go of the people who hurt you because there really isn’t enough life to be lived with people in it who add no value. You learn, in those moments, that everyone is fighting their own battle and that’s okay too.

You learn to harden up and roll with the punches but you also learn when to stop turning the other cheek.

Roll with the punches

Growing up and growing old

Growing up isn’t the same as growing older. I like to look back on my life and think that I’ve learnt lessons along the way. I’ve learnt that being drunk out of your mind isn’t always the solution to a bad day. It’s probably not going to take the pain away. But every now and then, a bottle of wine is exactly what you need.

Mojito madness

I’ve learnt that wearing sunblock has lasting effects on the way your skin looks. I’ve learnt you should never go to bed with make up on and that dying your hair can really change the way you see the world but it can also change the way the world sees you. It doesn’t help to just hate your body either. Either do something about it or learn to love it. It’s the only one you will ever have.

red hair

Older and wiser

Getting older means spending more time with the people you love. Accepting that your family may not be perfect but they are your family.I’ve learnt that sometimes, friends can be your family too.

I’ve learnt that I will have regrets. There is nothing I can do about that besides live my future in a way that tries to ensure my regrets are limited. One thing you will never regret is travelling and seeing the world. I’ve learnt that to go on adventures, is the best investment you can make.

life is one big adventure

I’ve learnt that you will grieve several times in your life. Death is unavoidable and sooner or later, someone you love will die. I’ve also learnt that it’s not an experience that I would wish on anyone. Not even someone I didn’t love. It is painful and there is nothing that can heal the wounds… but time does make them less visible to the naked eye.

daddy and me

People matter

As I have gotten older, I have realised that sometimes, you need people in your life to teach you a lesson, to learn from, to grow with. We don’t all have to be in the same place in our lives or on the same continent but we can grow together all the same. We can share our dreams, our thoughts, our fears and know that someone out there is there for us.

I’ve learnt that people you least expect to, can change your life. Those are the people worth fighting for.

love of my life

I’ve learnt that love can seem like everything but happiness can sometimes mean letting go of that which you love most but brings you pain. In the same breath, I’ve learnt that true love, nourishes you instead of breaking you down.

Always choose happiness

I’ve learnt most of all, that in order to truly be happy, we need to listen to that inner voice and follow our hearts. Only we can possibly know what happiness is for us and only we have the power to make it happen.

what makes you happy?

I’ve learnt, that the love I’ve felt until now…. was nothing compared to this.

Mommy and the bump



  • Al Heaology
    11th May 2015

    Thx for following me on bloglovin and sharing this.
    Last year I lost my grandma and I hope time can heal me a bit more in the future…

    I like the way you write very heart-warming x

    • TyrannyofPink
      Al Heaology
      11th May 2015

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Grieving is never easy to do… I’m actually writing a post about thar next week. Just remember thar it’s okay to be sad. Thank you so much for your lovely words. Xx

  • Jolene
    8th May 2015

    This post literally ended with me saying out loud “Ahhhhhh” Beautiful Joni! I loved reading about each lesson! I loved the picture of you and your dad, cause when I think of you and every memory I actually have of you, its you next to you dad! And I literally read this line four times “I’ve learnt that love can seem like everything but happiness can sometimes mean letting go”…So profound! Because I think of myself and various others who are in my life or have crossed paths with me at some point in time, and no matter what relationship we talk about… sometimes letting go, truly is the healthy thing to do, despite the overwhelming feelings of love you may have for them.
    As always….beautifully written!!!

    • TyrannyofPink
      8th May 2015

      Ahhh I love that! I really liked writing this. Honestly I normally plan my posts but this one was just a stream of thought… while thinking back through my life. I honestly struggled with coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you love people so damn much but they just aren’t good for you. I think the hardest thing ever is accepting that not all relationships are meant to last for ever but life changes when we learn to let go…. <3

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