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I’ve never been more in love with a city than this one. With its amazing beer, pubs on every corner it’s a city built for adventures and pub crawls. We were only there for a few nights but I had blisters on my feet from all the walking I did. There are some places that you just can’t be bothered about seeing and then there’s BERLIN! Every corner has something new that could be hidden around the next corner so we just kept on walking. Mostly, I fell in love with the gritty and real feeling that it has. There are signs everywhere of the ugly past but that doesn’t take away from the charm of today.

Berlin Baby! Where Art is Everywhere! | Tyranny of Pink

How times change

My gran, a South African with a German passport once told me of her visit to Berlin before the wall came down. She was nearly arrested for being on the wrong side of the wall and had to prove that she was a South African on holiday and not a German taking chances. Standing at Checkpoint Charlie had a whole different experience for me – a sign of the changes that the world goes through. The changes we as human beings make.  A sign of how important it is to never forget the suffering that has happened in the past.

Art in Berlin

These images are mostly of Graffiti featured on the East Side Gallery but a few are from other parts of the city. This is a tiny little adventure into why Berlin is one of my favourite places and cities in the world. It’s an art lovers dream.

Have you ever visited Berlin? Tell me about your favourite part of the city!

Jonelle |Tyranny of Pink



  • Sheena
    13th August 2015

    I love this Joni!!! Another lovely destination on the bucket list 😀 <3

    • TyrannyofPink
      13th August 2015

      <3 Thanks Sheens!! I wish I'd stayed longer.. such an incredible city and actually feels quite a bit like Cape Town!


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