She asked for it. It’s her fault!

All throughout my life I’ve had body issues.

As a teenager I dressed in baggy clothing. Too afraid someone will see my body.

I remember being a child and being made so painfully aware of the possibility of being raped, molested, touched inappropriately. By anyone. ANYONE could be the offender. Don’t trust ANYONE I’d be warned.

As girls we are raised to be afraid, be aware, be watchful at all times.

She asked for it. It's her fault! | Tyranny of Pink

As an adult that doesn’t change.

I don’t wear high heels if I’m going to be alone at night – how will I run?

I don’t wear short dresses at all. Too risky, awkward and uncomfortable. What if someone sees?

I am extremely aware of how rape victims are blamed. Her dress was too short. She drank too much.

We learn to hide our bodies. We live in fear.

We learn as women to adjust, to cover up, to hide. To cringe at another woman’s too short dress, too revealing top.

We know they’ll say she “asked for it.”

We know that as women, it’s our fault. It’s our fault for having a vagina. For wearing clothing. For not covering up. For being raped. It’s our fault for being raped.

She asked for it. It’s her fault!

Except it’s not.

All my life I’ve had body issues. My issue? Being a woman! Except it’s not my issue.

Don’t teach women to change their behaviour. Don’t teach women to cover up. Don’t teach women to be afraid. Don’t teach women to accept blame.

Teach THEM not to rape.

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