Believe it or not, I can be such a girly girl!

I’m a huge fan of girl nights and time spent with your friends so when Mandy-Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town invited me to spend the day at Rouge Day Spa in Kenilworth with her and Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust, I said hell yeah!

THEN I got stuck in the worst bloody traffic of all time. It was like the whole of Cape Town had decided to leave work early and come to a stand still in front of me. At first I was convinced I was in a road block, then I thought it MUST be construction but nope, apparently this is just NORMAL Cape Town traffic. Being someone who works from home sure does make you soft. There used to be a time when I spent two hours a day sitting in traffic but nope, not this person, not anymore. Now if I leave the house it’s usually to meet friends or go for dinner down the road. Somehow I got lucky enough to marry a man who will do the grocery shopping because I HATE DOING it so I don’t even have to leave home to do that! [*side note* He also does the dishes for this reason. Did I get lucky or what?]

So anyway, there I was sitting in traffic having a panic attack because anxiety and bumper to bumper traffic doesn’t go down well when you’re one of those always arrive early types like I am. I was hysterical and sent a few (too many) messages to Mandy telling her that I’d not moved or moved a metre. Poor woman.

At one point I considered just turning around and going home but seriously, I love my girl time way too much to give up. So I pushed on through and it was SO worth it. When I eventually got there, the stress of the entire week just fell off my back and suddenly I was in this little heavenly spa. Also, bonus points for not having to struggle to find parking. See, that’s why I love the suburbs.

Rouge is this little gem of a place. I had a massage there once long ago but massages aren’t conducive to drinking champagne and chatting with the girls so instead we all chose to have pedicures while drinking champagne, eating popcorn and watching a movie. We watched How to be single and if you’ve not watched it then get on that now! Rebel Wilson is my go to funny girl. LOVE HER.

We all helped each other pick out the perfect colour for our toes because um girl date… and what’s a girl date without choosing the perfect shade of red for Mandy, black (what else) for Maz and pink for me, because you know, Tyranny of Pink and all that! :p See, I really can be SUCH a girly girl even though that really surprises so many people.

We spent a lot of time laughing and playing on Snapchat – as you do when you’re three bloggers in a room that is child free for once. And all that laughing, snapping and being pampered sure did work up an appetite because somehow we ended up back at Mandy’s house (her poor husband) with plans to order sushi.

If you’re interested in spending the day having an absolutely wonderful time then I can highly recommend doing it with a gang of your best girl buds at Rouge! My perfect pedicure lasted two full weeks so I guess that means it’s time to go back!

Click here for more info on the Chick Flick Package 🙂



*I got this treatment for free but, as always, this is my honest opinion!

*Images taken from the Rouge Website 




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