Hello Christmas and farewell to 2016! Looking back on the year that was!

Reflecting on 2016

This year has been long and hard. I had a bunch of surgeries towards the early part of the year and I spent the rest of the year fighting to get back to my old self. I’ve learnt a lot during this year. I’ve learnt about being resilient , I’ve learnt so much about being a mom but I’ve also learnt so much about living with intention and being authentic.

It’s hard to focus on yourself and your needs when you have a family and you’re trying to get through the tough times but I’ve learnt that I’m stronger than I ever knew I could be. I love my life and while I don’t pretend for a second that everything has been easy for me, or us, I am thankful that during this last year, I have had such amazing friends and family.

I’ve had people showing me more kindness and love than often I feel I deserve. During the course of this difficult year, I’ve found my passion and my calling and I know with certainty what path I’m meant to walk.

We also lost my dear gran early in the year, a few days after my birthday! Yup, it really has been a long and hard year and I can’t wait to see the back of 2016 but I really can look at all the difficulties and struggles and say for certain, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right now, I’m strong like a fucking bull I tell you! Thank you 2016 for all you’ve taught me but be gone will you! I’m ready for Christmas now!!

Every single year, I’m like a little girl all over again.

Counting down the days till Christmas. By the way, there are TEN!! Yup – ten days till I get to wake up and eat and drink Champagne for breakfast and open presents. Read my top ten reasons why Christmas is the best time of year! 

This year though, Christmas is going to be so much more for me. I get to wake my little boy up and watch his little eyes light up as he sees all the presents under the Christmas tree. I get to watch him delight in crackers and yummy food and eating all the pudding his little body can handle.

Christmas is about family and love and the gift of giving. I LOVE giving presents. I love buying presents for other people and love seeing their faces light up with excitement. I can’t wait to see Oden’s face this year!

It’s not his first Christmas but last year, he was four months old and slept through almost all of it 🙂 this year, he knows what presents are and can be down right bossy about opening them up.

Ohhhh and the food!! I can’t wait to eat turkey and gammon and and and…

My Christmas tree has been up since November – because I’m that into it!! But it’s only decorated half way because toddlers and Christmas decorations… um not a good mix but it was important to get the biggest tree we could find so that it felt really Christmassy.

I’d always said I’d wanted a big tree when we have kids. And now we do and I want it to feel like it felt for me as a kid. Super special!

We’ve been watching Christmas movies every night since the first of December. I think the rest of my household is going a little crazy but I love it! When else can you watch those cheesy Hallmark movies that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We are literally making our way through the Hallmark Christmas countdown.

Christmas isn’t wonderful for everyone! So open up your heart and home!

Of course, Christmas isn’t the same for everyone. Lots of people feel alone and sad at Christmas time. Being alone at Christmas can be tough, especially for someone used to spending the holidays with loved ones. Suicide and depression rates go up and a lot of people dread this time of year. So spare a thought for someone on their own, invite them around for Christmas or make sure they get the help they need.

At the end of the day, it’s a time about love and loving and being kind so open up your homes and your hearts to people who might not know the joy of Christmas.

And remember, it’s not about how much presents cost but about the love and warmth of family and friends!

[bctt tweet=”Open up your home and heart this Christmas to someone who might not have anywhere to go #giftofgiving” username=”tyrannyofpink”]

I’m going to be taking a break till January to spend more time with my family and most importantly, my son!

Thank you for being a part of my blog and life for the last year, a year that I can’t say I’m sad to put behind me. To sum it up, 2016 has been full of challenges!

I’m really looking forward to what 2017 has in store for me. A year of intentional living and being true to myself.

A year that I can finally start focussing on me and my business and spend less time fighting to get well and heal!

I am really excited about everything that is to come and I have so many plans and goals in place to make it an amazing year!

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So Farewell to 2016, Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Festive Season to you!

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  • Mandy Lee Miller
    15th December 2016

    Love you to the moon and back. I am grateful every single day that you are here and that I get to talk to you and see you and HUG you, even when you hate it 😀 I will never ever forget messaging G to find out if you were ok, if you were awake, if you were still here. I had to build up the strength every single time just in case. And worrying about him and Oden, long before I ever got to meet them. Can’t wait to see you next week <3 <3

    • TyrannyofPink
      Mandy Lee Miller
      16th December 2016

      Oh my love, I knew you were a special and beautiful human being when you worried so much about me, someone you hardly even knew! I am so glad to have you in my life. I love you so very much and I am thankful for you! Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful mini-you <3

  • Celeste
    15th December 2016

    What an amazing wonderful post my friend. I am so grateful that you after all you have been through are here to celebrate Christmas with your gorgeous family just how you have always dreamed. You ate such an inspirational figure in my life and I sm blessed to know you and call you my friend.

    • TyrannyofPink
      15th December 2016

      Gosh. Tears for days. Literally sitting here sobbing at these amazing words! Thank you so much Celeste. You are a wonderful friend and an amazing person! You’ve just made my day with these words! So much love!

  • Sharon
    15th December 2016

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy the break!
    I’ve also been thinking about taking a little blogging break over the festive season!

    • TyrannyofPink
      15th December 2016

      End of year burn out leaves me desperate for some time off! It’s worth it for our sanity 😉 Do it! Thank you, have a wonderful Christmas! Xoxo

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