Education is the key to success but how did I get here so fast?

When did I get here? Here you ask? Well let me tell you, here in Adultville! It’s SCARY! Dealing with the importance of education and choosing a school for our son!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was following the rules of “living under my roof” as my dad always used to say. You know those things parents say when they’re getting you to do the things you need to do as a good responsible child. Yup. I was just coasting along as a child under someone else’s roof.

And now here I am, choosing schools and ensuring my child gets a good education.

We needed somewhere for him to go to be more stimulated during the day. Who knew that would mean signing him up for the next 18 years of his life.

Who am I even?

I was so privileged with a really good education, and I know how lucky I was. My family took all steps to ensure that this was the case for me and so I have grown up believing in the power of education.

I’m prepared to do anything it takes for my son to have the same opportunities when it comes to education. Though I never imagined this would mean having to sell a kidney. I kid (or do I) but it’s so expensive. South African private schools are crazy expensive. We are going to have to make all kinds of sacrifices to get him there but in my opinion, a good education is way more valuable than upgrading my car (though this would be really nice).

Education is the most powerful weapon- Tyranny of Pink

It seems ridiculous right now that he will just be playing all day and we are spending a fortune on that but when we looked at schools, we compared a few and this particular school just stood out miles above the others.

In most schools the ratio is ten kids per teacher (20 kids per class, one teacher and one assistant). His school offers him one teacher for a class of 7. This means personalised attention for him. Even though all he’s doing is playing, I can leave him at school knowing he’s being taken care of. I feel like he might actually start out on the right foot for his future education.

Oh and as a side note, we went to see one school where the teacher informed us that she had once found heroin in a toddlers bag. I mean did she really think this sales tactic would be effective? Oh yes, please accept my child into your drug den? No seriously. So we ran for the hills.

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And we found him this incredible school with a huge emphasis on offering robotics! Say what? ROBOTICS!!

What else we loved about the school was that it goes across various all the way to high school. So we never have to worry about finding another good school.

We showed the DVD that the info pack came with to my mother in law and she joked that it made her want to go back to school. This school has EVERYTHING and I am so freaking excited for Oden’s future.

But seriously.

When did I turn into such an adulting adult that it was already time to pick my child’s high school and ensure he gets a good education? He’s ONE for crying out loud.

Yup. I’m officially a grown up!

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  • Chevone Petersen
    12th January 2017

    Scary when you start looking into education for your child and you realise that the good options are scares, especially if government schools, because then you looking at the whole zoning issue! Then the cost of education, like you say, can cost you in the region of an organ! Good luck with adulting 🙂

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