Learn to trust your intuition!

Learning to trust your intuition means going with your gut feelings about something.

It’s that feeling that you get when you’re walking alone at night and you hear a sound but you tell yourself you’re just being paranoid?

That the guy that has been walking behind you for the last three blocks is probably just going the same way. Even though every part of you wants to just run?

You want to run but you don’t want to offend someone incase you’re wrong.

So you keep walking.

You’ve got to learn to trust your intuition in moments like these.

Even though “logic” tells you everything will be fine.

Maybe it’s okay to just trust yourself!

Maybe your body knows what is best!

Maybe it doesn’t matter if you offend someone by acting in a way that protects yourself!

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It’s OKAY to listen to that little inner voice telling you what you should do.

So many times in my life, I’ve silenced my inner voice only to discover later on that I should have listened and it was right all along.

Somehow, my body seems to know what is and isn’t a good choice for me.

It has this built-in radar that starts going crazy when I’m making poor decisions.

Often, I look back and realise that my body tried to warm me the whole time.

Trusting your gut doesn’t only apply in fight or flight situations but in business too.

You could be about to make the biggest deal of your life but the niggling feeling in the back of your mind keeps telling you that you’re making a mistake.

If your inner instinct is telling you that something isn’t right, there’s a good chance that something isn’t.

Take a break, take a step back and try see things from a different angle. Perhaps there’s something you’ve missed.

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Maybe you’re in a job that doesn’t quite feel right to you.

You’re being made to do tasks that don’t sit ethically with you and you have this niggling feeling that tells you to get out.

But you don’t because you’re “probably just being silly.”

It’s in these moments when you should listen to yourself.

Learn to differentiate between fear or the fear of being wrong and your instinct telling you that something is not okay and you shouldn’t pursue that path.

Learn to trust your inner voice telling you that something is not on.

Perhaps you’re dating someone new but your gut instinct is telling you that this isn’t the right person for you but you don’t want to seem irrational.

Learning to trust your intuition could save you ending up in an ugly situation further down the line.

Learn to listen to your gut feeling, learn to trust your intuition. Learn to know when your body knows best.

Listen to that inner voice. It could be wrong…

But what if it isn’t?

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Would love to hear your experiences of trusting your gut feeling or a time when you didn’t and wish you had!


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  • Celeste
    31st January 2017

    My gut speaks so often that I sometimes wonder if it’s just me trying to talk myself out of doing something.

    But trust it, I do. I’ve turned and ran for dear life once and it saved me from being robbed and possibly stabbed by two unassuming guys walking with a girl. Who they happened to be robbing while holding a knife in her side as I later learned.

    But my gut has given me the “guts” to go for good opportunities too. Sometimes you just know when it’s the right time to start a new venture.

    • TyrannyofPink
      1st February 2017

      It probably is trying to talk you out of things because it knows best and your story proves it! Good for you for trusting yourself and your instincts. Just imagine if you hadn’t what might have happened!

      I’ve also had situations where I’ve said hell no and just trusted my gut and I’m pretty sure that saved me.

      It’s such a huge skill that so many people choose to ignore and pass it off as “nerves”
      Your body knows!

  • Bonnie
    27th January 2017

    So true. Trusting your body and your instincts when they tried discharging you from hospital, when you were on death’s door step, saved your life. Always follow your gut instinct. You know best, often without even realising it. xxx

    • TyrannyofPink
      27th January 2017

      Sometimes I wish Doctors would listen to you more than what they do! It would save so many more lives I’m sure. Than goodness I had an amazing surgeon who saved my life but it might not have gotten to this point if I’d been treated more seriously when I told my gynae that I think I have endometriosis. That gut feeling has served me so well in my life time!

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