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#Sponsored Content – All views are my honest opinion! I remember when I first moved to Cape Town, going away for the weekend. I remember having to slow down at what I thought was a roadblock, except it wasn’t. It had been a car accident. In the middle of the road, a BMW was lying on its side. I still remember driving towards it, the roof was facing us and it was right across the middle of the road. There was glass everywhere. We had to squeeze past this car

A little while ago I wrote an article about why the #CarseatFullstop campaign matters to me. Since then I’ve been very involved in sharing articles and information about the importance of using the right car seat (for the record, your child should be rear facing until age four). Hearing Ina Meyer tell her story really hit these points home for me. I just knew it was a story that I wanted to tell. Then I put it off for weeks because I didn’t know how to begin talking to her. How

All throughout my life I’ve had body issues. As a teenager I dressed in baggy clothing. Too afraid someone will see my body. I remember being a child and being made so painfully aware of the possibility of being raped, molested, touched inappropriately. By anyone. ANYONE could be the offender. Don’t trust ANYONE I’d be warned. As girls we are raised to be afraid, be aware, be watchful at all times. As an adult that doesn’t change. I don’t wear high heels if I’m going to be alone at night – how

I’ve avoided talking about this topic for the longest time but the niggling feeling that I need to won’t go away. I guess it’s a tough one to address when it’s so personal but I’m hoping that sharing my story can help others. During my perfect childhood, I was surrounded by not so perfect abuse. There was so much of it in my family. You see, when you come from a country dominated by patriarchy, men seem to believe that they own the rights to everything, including the women in their

Yesterday was the municipal elections day in South Africa. A day when we got to go out and vote for our local representatives. There were ridiculously long queues all over the place, some of them up to 2 hours waiting time. A few people complained about having to wait so long – the day was declared a public holiday so that all South Africans were able to make their way down to the polling stations and make their mark. Honestly, I really don’t see any reason not to stand and wait

In September 2015, I was in hospital after a traumatic child-birth experience. I’d been in ICU for ten days and I was weak. A lovely nurse walked in, put a tube in my vein and pumped human blood into my arm. I felt a million times better. Getting blood was like being given a new lease on life. Suddenly I could sit up more easily, I could talk and concentrate and the world didn’t seem as blurry. I was given two pints of blood. Blood that had once pumped through

When Mandy Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town and Tums 2 Tots invited me to a be a part of this campaign, I jumped at the opportunity. Any of my friends who have ever not buckled in their child in front of me will attest to me telling them off about the dangers of it. You hear a lot of excuses like “we were just going down the road” but the truth is, most car accidents happen within 2 kms of your home! Research shows that the most likely cause is that

On Sunday, June the 12th, A shooting which occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, USA left 49 people dead. 53 people were wounded. This is being labelled the worst mass shooting in US history. Social media has been filled with stories and versions of the events. This includes rumours of the shooter being “a closet gay.” One of the hardest things to read was the message sent by a victim hiding in the bathroom, to his mother. A short message telling her what was happening and that he

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been really quiet the last few weeks. Life is pretty damn tough. Now that my son is no longer just sleeping all day and actually needs to be entertained, I have hardly any time for anything other than playing peek-a-boo and making bottles. It’s all worth it I swear. Remember this photo?  Yup, that’s me with my colostomy bag right after I got out the hospital. My tummy has gone down a lot (it was really swollen and I just had a baby) and it’s

I wasn’t the best student in school. In fact, I was pretty damn lazy about it. I once woke up to an actual hiding from my aunt for not studying. In my defence though, it was really boring and I was 12. Anything else in the world was more exciting than the book I was supposed to be learning from. When I got to high school, it was always the same. I’d get my work done immediately after school so that I didn’t have to think about it again. Instead

I was 16 years old the first time an openly HIV positive person touched me. I was at a party and this particular person, a friend (let’s call him Dave) asked me to go with him to get something out his car. It was all very innocent, we needed a CD that we wanted to listen to at another friends car. When we got to the car, his window had been smashed. Obviously Dave was really upset. He was 18 and his car had just been broken into. We got

On Friday I posted this post  about how ashamed I am about my country and for the rest of the weekend, I had an ugly taste in my mouth. I feel that it’s important for me to provide more clarity on how I feel. Right now, I am ashamed of what’s happening in my country, I am ashamed of the way “we” have treated foreign nationals who live here and I can’t understand how anyone can treat another human being in the manner that my fellow South Africans have been treating

I turn on the radio and the news is on. I go to my computer, looking for some relief, let me see what’s on Facebook. My timeline is filled with news broadcasts. I turn to twitter, something good must be there… more news. The world is filled with news, news of my home, my country, my shame. I read the reports, listen to the broadcasts, look at the images being shared. People being tortured. Suffering. Death. Violence. Shame. I am ashamed. I am ashamed for my home, I am ashamed

On Tuesday, I posted an article about being honest with others and I felt like I needed to take this concept of honesty a little further. Too often, we hold our tongues out of fear of offending someone or everyone. We are too fearful to stand up for what we believe in because lets face facts, there are repercussions for having strong opinions and most people just want to be liked. The things people say I’ve been told MANY times that I’m “brave” for the things I say. Often people

“The comments we allow our friends to make on our updates, say a lot about our own character. I suggest thinking carefully about what your friends are showing the world about your own personality.” This statement above is something I posted on Facebook on Monday. I have realised that people will often let their friends (both online and in reality) get away with making statements that are not appropriate even for ones own private thoughts. I think it speaks to your personality if you let people say racist, rude and

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