The List – What I learnt from my Mother

My mother is such a special person. She is by no means perfect because at the end of the day none of us really are, that’s the joy of being human. We just have to live our lives in the best way we know how doing the best we can. Now, I’m probably biased in saying this but I just don’t think many people get it as right as she does. My mother, is a super hero and here’s why.

  • My mother is the most ethical and honest person I know. She has taught me, over the years that we need to always be honourable and live in a way that we can be proud. That may not always mean that things go best for us but you can always go to sleep with a clean conscience.
  • My mother has taught me that love and money are not the same thing. It is because of my mother that I know that the true gifts we can give our children don’t cost a cent. They come from the heart and are more precious than anything money can buy.
  • My mother has always shown me the importance of living within your means. It’s more important to have peace of mind than to spend what you can’t and live in constant fear. She has in the same breath taught me, that it’s okay to indulge, when you know that you can.
  • My mother has taught me the meaning of sacrifice. No other single being in this world has sacrificed so much to be a good parent. She has shown me the importance of loving without limits.
  • My mother has taught me how to always be the kind of person that other people can rely on. If you make a promise, or you say you will do something then you darn well do it. Being reliable is always something I can say I definitely got from my mother.
  • My mother has taught me, the importance of making decisions that other people don’t always understand. Of being true to yourself because you know that is what counts more than anything else.
  • My mother taught me, to follow your heart, no matter how unconventional and to put everything you have into getting to where you need to be.
  • My mother has taught me, the importance of not living with prejudice and bias. In a time when it was not normal to love people of other races, my mother followed her heart. My mother has shown me how to live a life where I never judge others based on their skin colour or social backgrounds.
  • My mother has shown me that no matter how many times I fall down, she will be there to pick me up and dust off my knees and tell me everything will be okay. She patiently lets me learn from my mistakes and has allowed me to grow into the kind of person that I needed to be and not the kind of person who lived up to her expectations of me.

My mother, a special kind of human being.

A non judgemental parent who has never enforced her own beliefs on me. She has shown me that no matter my choices in life, she will always love me. My mother is the kind of person that everyone loves. The kind of person who makes other people happy just by being around them. My mother is the kind of person who will do the things you can’t do that need to be done. She is the the kind of person that others are lucky to have in their lives. From her determination to be who she is without apology, to her blessing to let you be who you are. When you come home with tattoos that she oohs and ahhs over, when you have the wrong boyfriend, or the right boyfriend, when you bring home stray pets, my mother will always welcome you with open arms. Arms filled with love and understanding. When you get it wrong, she never says I told you so. Even though you know she did.

My mother, Bonnie; a woman with so much integrity and love. If I could be even a tiny bit the mother that she is, I will be grateful.

Thank you mom, for always being the person I can count on.

I love you as big as the sky.




  • Bonnie
    11th March 2018

    I have a little cry every time I read this. The most special words ever. Love you Joni and thank you for loving me, just the way I am. ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Bonnie
    7th December 2017

    I just re-read this and it made me all teary. Such beautiful words from my amazing daughter. Thank you again love, this is so special to me. You made my birthday a good day. Love you as big as the sky. ♡♡♡♡♡
    Ps. You are an awesome mother, way better than I can ever be.

  • Jolene
    11th March 2015

    Knowing how lovely a person you are – have always been….I know you have had many great influences in your life, but a mothers influence is truly the greatest! And thought I don’t know your mom, your are an exceptional “display” (for lack of a better word right now) of the kind of woman your mom must be! I can only imagine how proud she is to call you her daughter! What a beautiful tribute to her Joni! I think when your turn comes to be a mom, you have had such an amazing example to follow, that 20 years later, your kids will say something very similar about you! Of that I have no doubt!

    • TyrannyofPink
      11th March 2015

      Thank you Jo. You have no idea how special this comment is to me <3 My mother is honestly the most lovely person... after being divorced from my father for 29 years, she is still a huge part of his family and that says something towards the kind of person she is. I hope you're right, I really hope to one day be a great mother. Sometimes we see it and I'm hoping I learnt from it too! <3 I can honestly say I was very far forward in the line when it came to parents being handed out 😛

  • Colleen Claasen
    11th March 2015

    Beautiful and heartfelt. This is exactly the kind of legacy we as mothers, hope it instill in our children. You are not my daughter yet I am so proud of you. One more thing, I know your mother Bonnie and she us a special lady! Mwah

    • TyrannyofPink
      Colleen Claasen
      11th March 2015

      Thank you so much Colleen. That is such a lovely thing to say. I think I was really blessed with my mother and I just hope she knows every day of her life that I’m aware of all the sacrifices she had to make to have me <3 She is really special!!

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