The Nursery

This nursery has been in the works for months. Pretty much the day I found out I was pregnant my brain started thinking about the baby’s room. I’m not a fan of pastels so typical baby colours were completely out for me. I also wasn’t sure of the baby’s sex at first so that made it even more complicated. Luckily I married a completely rational man who wouldn’t let me start decorating a nursery as early as 6 weeks in.

I think as a first time mom, it was just really exciting for me to be able to create my baby a space of his own and there’s also this need to nest which just goes into overdrive when you’re pregnant – or so it seems.

This Pinterest board Oden Christopher JVR was a collection of things that inspired me when I was deciding what kind of room I wanted for him.

I knew that I wanted a mainly black and white palate with bits of colour brought in with accessories and I knew that my cot had to be either white or natural wood. Although honestly I preferred natural wood if I had a choice. It was also important that the room could easily transition with him as he got older.

The Details

The black and white pictures on the walls were from Mr Price – I knew I wanted them the second I saw them. The large wooden frame was something we had lying around the house and the smaller frame with the sky and birds painting was a birthday gift from an artist friend a few years ago.

We got the black and white cube from Mr Price as well as the “Look out world here I come” wall plaque. The bunny and photo frames on the shelves, bright yellow and black and white cushions, the rug, the shelves and the black, white and yellow throw are also all from Mr Price. We bought most of the bits and pieces from Mr Price over the course of the last six months. The name letters on the door are from Typo. The bedding was from Makro – we failed to find plain white bedding without any frills and patterns.

The cot/crib

We ended up importing our cot from IKEA through Nevada Furniture and that turned out to be cheaper than buying one here. It had to be assembled when it arrived and although it looked much less stable than a solid wooden one, it actually turned out to be very stable. We did do quite a lot of research on it before hand and there were only positive reviews. We did have to purchase the mattress separately but I think that’s normal anyway.

I’m honestly very happy with how it turned out – although we do still want to hang a mosquito net above the cot.

The cat is pretty convinced that we made this room up just for her 🙂


Let me know what you think.





  • Renee @ My So-Called Mommy Life
    26th June 2015

    Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club! You did a great job. Love all the details in the room especially the pictures.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Renee @ My So-Called Mommy Life
      26th June 2015

      Thanks so much Renee! I’m honestly so thrilled it’s all ready and waiting for him but it has made me wish time would fly by quicker than what it is.

      Thanks for popping by!


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