Today is the day! Eeeek – Big boy Oden goes to school!

At the end of last year, I was hell-bent on the fact that Oden would not be starting school until he was three. Not before, not on my watch, definitely not, nope! Oden going to school was NOwhere on my radar!

Then January 2017 started and things kinda went crazy for me. Everything just started happening all at once and I was meeting clients and scheduling Skype calls and quoting for work like crazy and suddenly, I didn’t have the time I had at the end of last year.

My son was walking around looking bored, desperate for something to do.

I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. What I didn’t account for was that this mom, needs to focus on herself as well as her means-more-than-the-universe-son.

And her son – needed more! Deserved so much more!

I needed to focus on building my business.

It’s no secret that I love empowering women. Anyone who knows me, knows that what I love to do and what I’m passionate about is building other women up. I LOVE it. I feel satisfied and my soul feels happy when I’m doing exactly that. I just wasn’t finding the time to focus on doing what I feel so passionate about.

So, I had to admit, to myself and to my husband who had been saying this all along, that it was time.

Oden had to go to school so that I could focus on my work and he could get the stimulation that he needs.

And so the quest for a school began.

We looked at a few schools before settling on this school. It was not easy. In the end, this school won hands down for  being all kinds of amazing.

His teacher is lovely and the staff in general are all truly awesome. It just felt right and we both KNEW that was the school. Oden has been there twice and he has been right at home, taking toys off the shelves and playing in the garden and telling his teacher that cows go “moo” – VERY proud mommy moment right there.

So the day has finally come. When I will wake up, get ready, get my little boy ready and make the drive to his school. Where we will drop him off and then walk away – I will probably be in tears. He will probably be building blocks already. I just know he’s ready. He is so confident and happy and he’s just so independent. It makes me so happy and so proud but it makes my heart fall to pieces.

My son, my perfect little human who just the other day lay in NICU connected to all kinds of wires, just the other day, got his first tooth, just learnt to crawl, to walk, to eat bacon and now… he’s off to school.

He’s almost 18 months old.

He loves animals. He knows the sounds of a huge variety of them, from cow and snake to dragon. He loves dragons.

He loves bath time, but only if you let him brush his own teeth.

He sleeps through the night.

He eats sushi and says “cheers” smashing his glass against yours.

He can’t be trusted with a glass of water. He WILL spill it on the floor intentionally so that he can stomp in the puddle.

He doesn’t like kisses but loves to cuddle on my chest before he falls asleep.

He takes his dummy out his mouth and throws both it and his bunny on the floor when he sees food.

He loves bananas more than anything in the world. Fruit is the best thing EVER.

He gets in trouble for screaming at the cats. He knows he’s not supposed to but sometimes he just can’t help himself.

He loves playing in his sandpit and he loves play dough SO much.

He is so ridiculously independent but also such a mommy’s boy.

This mommy knows he will be fine. And I will be fine but my heart is still bracing itself.

Wish us luck!

Oden goes to school today!



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  • Laura
    4th March 2017

    He is going to have the best time and you are going to be even more awesome with a little more time for yourself 🙂

    • TyrannyofPink
      6th March 2017

      Thank you <3 I think once the initial 3 weeks are over, it's going to be a lot easier on both of us. Right now walking away while he screams is taking its toll on me and I'm struggling to adjust. Thanks for the reassurance <3

  • Lisa
    27th February 2017

    Good luck! It’s probably harder on you than it is him!

    • TyrannyofPink
      28th February 2017

      Thanks Lisa! You’re so right. This morning as we walked away I watched him, he didn’t even look after us. My heart felt sore but proud too! <3

  • Melissa Javan (@melissa_nel)
    27th February 2017

    He’ll be fine mommy and he’s going to LOVE the exploring happening at school. I love how you say “he deserves better” because I found that my child also gets a bit bored when I’m busy with my side hustle. I also feel like school is better for her. Strongs! The first few weeks is a worry but it will get better.

    • TyrannyofPink
      Melissa Javan (@melissa_nel)
      28th February 2017

      Thanks Melissa! Honestly although I don’t want him away from me, I know he needs the stimulation. It’s unfair of us as parents to be clingy instead of letting them grow into strong and independent people. Thanks for the support. Good to know other mom’s know how I feel <3

  • Bonnie
    27th February 2017

    Oh man, our little boy is growing so fast. I’m sure he will love school. Hope you will be okay today though :/
    Big hugs xoxo

    • TyrannyofPink
      27th February 2017

      He did, he loved it so much. Me, not so much <3

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