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About me

Hi I’m Jonelle, welcome to my blog. I’m from Swaziland originally, I lived in Cape Town for a really long time and now I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my family. 

I’m passionate about living authentically and fighting against the expectation to be a certain way just to fit in. It took me a long time to realise that the only way to be happy is to just be myself. 



This blog is about my journey into motherhood, surviving a traumatic near death birthing experience and our decision to move as a family of three to New Zealand and start a new life.
We packed our bags and moved to a brand new city that we had never visited and didn’t know anyone in. Right now, we are still figuring it all out. Within three months of arriving in Wellington, I’d found my dream job and we knew that there was no going back.
Proud and passionate about our South African heritage, this adventure was never about escaping the current political climate. After waking up from a coma, surviving two stints in ICU and six life saving surgeries in the space of a year, the time just felt right to pack up and chase the dream; a new adventure for our family.
Follow along on our journey and our experiences as a family in this new country and my personal navigation through being a woman and mother in the world today!