Reflections on Life


Living with depression | It’s not always rational

My heart is so sad right now. I know when you struggle with depression, this is normal. I know I will never be the kind of person who doesn't go through phases of sadness. Even when my life is completely A-Okay, I still get into these bouts of depression. I still feel so down and often, I have absolutely no idea why. Depression and mental health aren't related to[...]

happy birthday

Oh F@#! I’m turning 36!

Every single year I look forward to my birthday with the excitement of a child. I LOVE my birthday and getting older has never been an issue for me. I love the idea of being older and wiser and my life has definitely gotten a lot better with age. I guess that's why it was a big surprise to me to discover that I'm terrified of this birthday. For the first time, getti[...]


My thoughts on the #10yearchallenge and looking back on the last decade

There's this trend going around on social media at the moment where you share a photo from 2019/2018 and one from a decade ago. I ignored it for a while but eventually, seeing all the cool comparisons got to me and I decided, rather late, to jump on the bandwagon. So I set off hunting for a photo of myself from 2009. Unfortunately, I very quickly realised that th[...]