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The beauty behind the scars

I looked in the mirror and I saw my scars - left behind from all my surgeries and my brush with death. It's funny how something as ugly as a scar can be a beautiful reminder of the second chance you've been given at living! It makes you more aware of all the things you take for granted, all the fleeting moments that suddenly, you're so thankful for. It chan[...]

6 Weeks Post Colostomy Reversal Op! I survived! Tyranny of Pink

6 Weeks Post Colostomy Reversal Op! I survived!

The last few weeks have been really tough. My surgery went amazingly (Read about that here) well and a week after being sent home from the hospital I went for a check up and my surgeon happily reported that everything was perfect and it's all over. I smiled all the right smiles but in my heart, I knew that if something seemed too good to be true, well then, it prob[...]

What it was like having my stoma reversed | Tyranny of Pink

What it was like having my stoma “reversed”

My stoma was never meant to be permanent. It was something that needed to happen in order for me to live and hate it as I did, it saved my life. I got my little friend "Francis" during an emergency procedure that saved my life after my colon was ruptured giving birth. You see, it (my colon) had been fused to my uterus and tugging my baby out my belly had caused my[...]