In September of 2015, I had my son – the best thing that has EVER happened to me. Unfortunately, with the best thing also came the worst thing. I nearly died and I woke up from emergency surgery with a colostomy. Life after an ostomy has had its challenges but it has also had its lessons. When I look back on this whole experience, I often feel like this was all some story that I once heard, a thing that happened to a friend of a friend but it’s just

I don’t know if this is something that should go on my blog. Why? Because this blog is my happy place. It’s my special place on the internet. It’s the place I come to be me and right now, I’m not feeling all that much like me to be honest. I’m living – in a sort of plodding along type of existence. The type where people don’t know if they should be jealous of all the free time you have or feel sorry for how empty things are. Well, they

It’s funny that I’ve titled this post like I’ve got a dirty little secret. Truth be told, I’m not a dirty little secret kinda person and yet here I am, eight days into the new year and feeling like my life is a lie. If I’m ever asked what my biggest skill is or what I enjoy the most, I say I’m a planner. It’s true. I am SO good at planning things. I LOVE making plans and prioritising tasks and organising “things.” I literally thrive on my ability to

It’s funny how as we get older, the things we used to find so important lose their shine and eventually they lose our interest completely! Last night, while waiting for the new year to roll on into my life, my amazing friend Maz and I had this conversation about how our needs have changed and how now, for us, being content is about being with our families and the people we love. We spent last night on their farm, eating, laughing, drinking and watching our kids play together.  I remember

Christmas is about SUMMER and SWIMMING and FUN in the SUN Christmas has this reputation about being all about snowy weather and glowing fires. Here in Africa, in South Africa Christmas is all about SUMMER. In fact, nothing about it says let’s sit around a fire or build snowmen. Nope, instead, down here we spend our holidays at the pool, braaing and drinking cold beer or in my case, wine with lots of ice. We get together with our family and friends on as many days as the holiday period

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