It was stolen from right outside our house just before Christmas! The holiday season is such an amazing time of year don’t you think? Everyone is relaxed and having a great time and eating so much amazing food. The last thing anyone thinks of is something bad happening. Like your car being stolen from right outside your gate just days before Christmas! You never think this kind of thing will happen to you. It’s always the kind of thing that happens to someone you know. Until it does happen to you.

When dreams change A few years ago, if you’d asked me where I saw myself in 5 years time, I’d have told you running an NGO dedicated to empowering women to find work and get employed or start their own businesses. Helping women has always been my calling – it just seems to have manifested itself in a different way throughout my life. A few years before that, my answer was Human Rights Law. I was going to without a doubt become a lawyer. That was the only plan. I was so

I see a lot of women saying things like “oh I’m not an expert” or “but I don’t know enough” when talking about their value or their self-worth. I know so many successful and intelligent women who say the same thing over and over again. They don’t see their value, they don’t see themselves as capable or even able. They doubt themselves and their abilities to get things done. I don’t think men are as quick to put themselves down as women. I think that comes from generations of men

SO depression is no joke. Everything in the world is wonderful but for some reason, there you are, sitting around crying. FOR. NO. GOOD. REASON. I have no idea what the actual fuck is going on in my mind this week. Work wise, everything was going SO well, my blog is going exactly how I want it to, I finally have a sense of direction and purpose and know what I want out of this blog, I’ve even created a The Empowered Woman Programme  that I want to offer individuals and

A special thank you to everyone who participated in the Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days Breakfast Hamper Competition! Congratulations to  Bianca Balutto and Cornell Botha You have each won a Kellogg’s Hamper to the value of R500. Please email with the delivery address you’d like your hamper sent to as well as your contact details. You can also inbox me on the Tyranny of Pink Facebook Page.  Thank You and Congratulations once again! Subscribe to the blog to stay in the loop about future competitions *Terms and Conditions Competitions are

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