10 things I learnt from my father – In loving memory of Kevin.

As today marks the 9 year anniversary of my father’s death, this post is to honour his memory. This is a list of things I learnt from him. It would be impossible to truly write a comprehensive list of things he taught me, this list is just a tiny representative. He also taught me how to ride a horse like a cowboy, how to water ski, that travelling is everything and I should take every chance I get to get out there. He taught me how to drive, how to stand up for myself, how to argue, how to love and how to be loved amongst a million other things.

These are some of the life lessons he taught me…

  1. From my father, I learnt that no matter how many times people let you down, it speaks more of your character than theirs to give them another chance.
  2. He taught me that no matter how angry you are, you should always let go of grudges.
  3. My father showed me that love comes before anything else. Always put those you love first and love them unconditionally (especially if they’re your children, no matter how wrong they get life).
  4. Work hard, play hard. My father lived his life to the fullest. In his 46 years, he had lived more than most people can live in 100 years.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of being alone. Get out there and enjoy time with yourself (do this especially on a motor bike or a horse in the mountains).
  6. You catch more flies with honey. It always helps to be charming and people will be more willing to help you if you’re nice than if you’re rude.
  7. Treat all people as your equal regardless of who they are. Everyone is worth respect, no matter what their position in life. Never act like you’re better or above someone else.
  8. Always strive to help people reach their full potential. Some people were born with a better lot in life than others, if you can, help them to be more than they can on their own.
  9. Family doesn’t have to fit into traditional boxes. That doesn’t mean it’s any less real.
  10. When people die, you will  never stop missing them but you will also learn a lot from the legacy that they leave behind.

If I turn out to be half the person my father was, then I will have done something right with my life. He taught me most importantly to always live with integrity and to always be true to myself.

My father was a great man, loved by many, feared by some, respected by all who met him. A hero, a giant, a super star bike rider – my daddy.

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”

Dearest daddy, you will live on in our hearts forever.

All my love, today and always.

Joni <3






  • Sandra da Silva
    22nd August 2016

    Lovely article Jolene 🙂 Your dad was indeed a special person to all that knew him! xx

    • TyrannyofPink
      Sandra da Silva
      23rd August 2016

      Thank you Sandra! It’s always lovely to hear that about my dad! x

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  • Terence
    27th February 2015

    So inspiring and totally Kevin.

    • TyrannyofPink
      27th February 2015

      Thank you Terence. <3

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