Five months and ONE HUNDRED posts later

On Monday, without realising, I posted my 100th post! WOW! That is major to me. When I started blogging I didn’t really think about the future or how much I would love doing this.  So it’s fair to say that I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for five months already and in that time I’ve posted 100 times. That feels insane.

Say What? Tyranny of Pink

Just the other day I was registering the name and wondering what the hell I’m going to be blogging about. I stumbled along the way and needed help getting to here. I’ve learnt, I’ve laughed, I’ve literally cried over things going wrong but I’ve never been happier.

Every day I get a message from someone that makes me smile and inspires me to keep going. I write from my heart and I wonder how many of you think I’m crazy and I’ve decided we must all be some kind of crazy cause we all get by together so maybe my crazy and your crazy just click.

Life is a crazy adventure |Tyranny of Pink

These have been the ten most popular posts since I started my blog in January

  1. My pregnancy announcement 
  2. Good girls don’t get tattoos!
  3. My pregnancy update 
  4. Ten things I learnt from my father 
  5. Coping with grief and the sh!t people say
  6. I dated a jack-ass
  7. I’m not shy, I’m an introvert
  8. Affirmations for happy living 
  9. Honeymoon Happiness – Mauritius 
  10. Why I don’t celebrate Women’s Day

Let me know which were your favourite posts and which posts you want to see more of.

There is always room for suggestions so if you have some ideas about things you want me to write about… send your suggestions my way!


Thank you for being a part of the journey

 Thank you for being a part of my journey to happiness. Thank you to each one of you who read and share my posts, who takes the time to comment and send me messages telling me how my posts have affected you. Without you reading them, this would be a hell of a lot less fun!

Here’s to another one hundred!




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