You need to know that it’s okay to be yourself

So much of my life has been an emotional struggle.

A struggle between what I wanted to do and what I thought I should do.

I just didn’t think it was okay to be myself.

To do what I wanted to do.

Trying to be yourself isn’t the easiest road to travel even though it should be.

I was so afraid of failing. I was so afraid of disappointing everyone around me.

Something tells me that if you’re reading this, you know how it feels.

You know how it feels to know what you want. To know down in the very core of your being what you should be doing with your life but to be so stuck in fear, in self doubt or in someone else’s expectation of who you should be and to feel STUCK.

Doing what you love

I remember growing up, staying up late at night, because it’s quiet and peaceful and you can be alone with your thoughts. I’ve always been a night owl, enjoying the peace of night. I used to stay up and journal. Just write and write and write.

I didn’t think anything of it but now, in my adult life, I realise that the clues were always there. I just wasn’t wise enough to embrace my truth.

Instead of pursuing a life of writing, I studied and studied some more and studied even further because it was the one way to legitimately please my family by becoming more and more educated while pursuing my own true love. Writing.

If only it was so simple as following my dream. Pursuing that which sets my soul on fire. If only it was so simple.

Fear holds us back

Instead of doing what I love, what I have always loved, I did what I needed to do to make others happy and as a result, I was left stuck and unhappy.

I have tried over and over again to deny myself my passion but in the end, my heart won.

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Here I am – a writer.

But for the longest time, I was too afraid to admit that. I was afraid other people would criticise me and my writing.

The truth is, not everyone will like what I do. Not everyone will enjoy my writing and the bottom line is, THAT’S OKAY!

It is okay if not everyone loves you or your work

What matters is that YOU do!

You have to live your life in a way that makes YOU happy.

You have to silence the critics including the one inside your head.

Stop living in fear

Stop doubting yourself and telling yourself that you can’t do it.

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t capable.

Stop believing you can’t.

Stop letting fear and self-doubt hold you back from happiness!

Instead, let go of the fears that you’re hanging on to so that you can move forward towards your purpose.

You have to figure out what your calling is and pursue that path with everything you have.

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Stop putting yourself down and start asking yourself HOW you can move forward towards a life you love.

Don’t be ashamed of your dreams. Don’t play small for fear of being judged by others or because you don’t think you’re good enough.

You don’t have to be the world’s most knowledgeable person on something you feel passionate about. You just need to take the steps towards making it a reality and just start! 

You will learn as you go, you will figure it out along the way.

Don’t put off being yourself today because you don’t believe in yourself and you think the world will see that you’re a fraud.

Believe in YOURSELF 

Be who you were born to be.


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