The beauty behind the scars

I looked in the mirror and I saw my scars - left behind from all my surgeries and my brush with death. It's funny how something as ugly as a scar can be a beautiful reminder of the second chance you've been given at living! It makes you more aware of all the things you take for granted, all the fleeting moments that suddenly, you're so thankful for. It chan[...]

Where love and education meet | Tyranny of Pink

Somewhere in the middle where education and love meet

This isn't a post about how important education is, it's something else instead. It's a story from my past as much as it's a story about my present. You see, my incredible husband graduated with a distinction for his Masters research this Friday. And I sat in that room, beaming with pride and even more, completely in awe of the person I watched walk up on to that s[...]