17 Weeks Later – The pregnancy update

So this week is my 17th week of being pregnant and I thought it might be nice to write about it a little bit since it pretty much consumes my entire life and yet somehow, I’ve managed to leave it off the blog for the most part.

Today I started putting together my baby book for Oden. It’s basically an album/scrap-book and I collected together all the scans and annotated them as well as the journey. It really wasn’t an easy start this pregnancy thing but as time has passed, I’m lucky that the worst thing to complain about is how uncomfortable I am because I have no belly space. Our son is now about the size of my hand and finally starting to swallow and suck in preparation for the real deal.


I read today that breathlessness is one of the symptoms at this point and it helps to ease my concerns about just how unfit I am. I can’t breathe after standing up or leaning across the bed to get something.

When you’ve never done this before, everything can be so scary. There have been many scares so far and seeing as I tend to lean towards anxious quite easily, I have even stopped “googling” symptoms because if you’re looking, you will find the negative response.

Truth is, I’ve had a really wonderful pregnancy so far. I’ve had morning sickness but not badly enough to actually be sick and it literally switched off after the end of the first trimester. I’ve been really tired, that’s probably the worst but even that went away (although not completely). I think the most awful thing that seems like it will never end is the midnight toilet trips… ugh.. I love my sleep and that isn’t nice.

Cravings and aversions

I knew I was pregnant because I suddenly found myself craving ice cream. Nothing weird about that you might think, unless you’re lactose intolerant and don’t even like ice cream. Yeah, sitting with tubs of peanut butter flavoured ice cream stuffing my face was definitely a heads up. After that ended, I moved on to craving and eating grapes like I was a Roman God in the middle of a royal feast every day. All I wanted was bunches and bunches of grapes.

Weirdly, the only thing I’ve really not wanted to eat so far has been fish. It might be because I have an allergy to certain types of fish and my body, knowing it couldn’t take allergy pills has just made me reject all fish as a precaution.

It seems your body really knows what it wants and needs when you’re pregnant. My cravings haven’t been too bad but I’ve been taking a really good pregnancy vitamin and that has most likely curbed a lot of the cravings.

My sense of smell has been harder to deal with than I expected though. I’ve had to stop wearing perfume and avoid so many things and areas. My nose was suddenly SUPER powerful.

Half way and so much still to do/experience

We are nearly mid way through the pregnancy and I am only sporting a small baby bump. Annoying because I feel pregnant but I don’t look it. I’m ready to start playing my pregnancy card thank you. Oh speaking of pregnancy cards, I was at a wedding on Saturday and went to queue for the bathroom. When the ladies stall opened up, I went ahead of the guy who had been waiting before me. I heard him telling someone that I had “played the pregnancy card” lol… um no, it’s a ladies bathroom and I played the damn lady card! Lol… see, people do not care just yet that I’m pregnant even if I’m not taking advantage of it yet.

I honestly can’t wait to look more pregnant but I’m extremely excited about feeling him kick. I’m pretty sure I felt a “flutter” not so long ago but I have nothing to compare it to and so can’t be certain.

Had a lovely chat at the wedding on Saturday with a new mom and she gave me all kinds of tips and encouragement about birth plans and things like that and I’m looking forward to getting one together and choosing “labour music”. Yes, I discovered this morning on my daily pregnancy email that women actually make playlists to encourage them during labour. What kinds of songs do you think I should put on there? I have no idea where to start.

Ohhhh I can’t wait to get started on the nursery. We’ve decided on a black, white, grey (neutral) theme and I’ve heard something about Star Wars mentioned but we will see how that plays out.

You can look here if you want to see some inspiration for his nursery. 

Other things

I haven’t put on very much weight but I already don’t fit into any of my normal pants. I’ve been living in tights and a pair of huge jeans that I bought. I think it’s a lot of water retention mainly plus the whole baby in my belly thing :P. Sleeping is also quite uncomfortable as I normally sleep on my tummy but I can’t do that anymore. Luckily we bought a pregnancy pillow which is lovely.

I’m really loving being pregnant and really don’t want to rush it because this is going to be my only experience of being pregnant. 

Let me know if you’ve had kids, what were some of your cravings while pregnant?

Was there anything in particular you couldn’t stand to eat?

Pregnancy update

Read this post to see how we announced the pregnancy.



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    26th April 2016

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  • Sharon Mills
    16th April 2015

    I like you went off fish and avocados. Any smelly food was off limits especially garlic (cringe). I hated toothpaste and chewing gum…..grrr!!!!

    The breathlessness is caused by your heart working almost twice as hard because it is busy producing blood for your baby. You bump with 1st baby takes ages to show fully (you look fat for a while) and all of a sudden wham (as if you’d swallowed a whole watermelon ). And that is when you feel on top of the world, look everyone yes I am pregnant

    • TyrannyofPink
      Sharon Mills
      16th April 2015

      Oh and don’t even get me started on the smell of cigarettes Sharon, that had me gagging in seconds… yuck.

      Lol, toothpaste, that is a bit of a challenge I imagine.

      I had to look up the breathlessness thing because I really thought I was dying… couldn’t believe how awful it was.

      That happened to my bump just as you say, nothing…nothing …. nothing then out of no where BOOM. Although everyone keeps telling me it’s tiny…

      I look a little like I’ve eaten a huge meal. it’s that awkward stage when it really could go either way 😛 but if I say I’m pregnant, people look at me suspiciously. lol

  • Kate Turton
    16th April 2015

    You have to include the Imperial March in your labour playlist, I’d say pretty near the end 🙂

    • TyrannyofPink
      Kate Turton
      16th April 2015

      Oh my gosh! I had to google that, not being a fan myself…. but Kate…. you are a genius!! That is the BEST one to include haha!!

  • paul
    16th April 2015

    Sheena could eat stuff she was allergic to before the pregnancy… After hogan was born the allergies were back… nature’s way of getting the baby what he needs!?

    • TyrannyofPink
      16th April 2015

      Wow that is so strange. I must say I’m in awe of how my body just knows what it needs and makes sure it gets it! It’s incredible.

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