Be Unapologetically You!

The slogan of my blog is “Be Unapologetically You” and I try to live my life in that way every single day. Sure, some people may not like me because of it but I like me. I know what I like, what I love and what I don’t like and I’m not afraid to speak up for the causes I believe in and live life my way.

See these posts if you don’t believe me:

Some people, spend their entire lives being a second-rate version of someone else. They do their best to “be cool” by doing the things that they think someone else will respect them for. Don’t be that person. Be you because there is no better way to find happiness than to just embrace your true self.

I can’t imagine a world in which I’d have to follow behind someone else and try to be like them and yet so many people do that. In this world, we are given one life. What about all the things you want to achieve? What about the things you want to do and the clothes you want to wear? Do you really want to dress in clothing that makes your partner happy? Do your hair the ways your friends think is acceptable?

Do you really want to look longingly at an image of that tattoo that you’ve always wanted but your mother just doesn’t approve of?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

[bctt tweet=”“A poor original is better than a good imitation.”  Ella Wheeler Wilcox “]

Go be an original!

If you want to wear crazy clothes.

Do that. 

If you want to dye your hair green.

Do that. 

If you want to jump out a plane.

Do that. 

If you want to stay at home and sing the funky chicken in your pyjamas.

Then please, do that.

Don’t do it because I say you should but do it because that is what’s going to make you happy! 

[bctt tweet=”There is just one life for each of us: our own. Euripides”]

How do you do it you ask? You just do. You stop caring about what others will think. You stop listening to that little voice that tells you not to follow your heart and you just do the things that make you happy.

Follow your heart, find your passions and do what makes you happy and the rest will follow.

be you



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